RBTS WIN just churned out an impressive EP that blends the genres of lo-fi pop and R&B together to create something that transcends genres and makes its own space for itself. The album, titled My Rights My Wrongs My Care And My Harm, has the right amount of soul and synth-wave to provide the perfect soundtrack to a late night drive through the Blue Ridge mountains.

Member, Cliff B. Worsham, approached the creation of this album with the goal of creating a psychedelic version of memories of listening to the boxes of soul 45's that his Mom owned when he was younger. Through doing so, RBTS WIN created an EP that encases a multitude of feelings ranging from nostalgia to hopefulness. 

If you're trying to tone down from a chaotic day at work or just want to go for a late night drive, I encourage you to check this EP out.



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