Samara Jade

Samara Jade, formally known as Searra Jade, released her third full-length album, Wave of Birdsong, on the 8th of June. As described on her Kickstarter page, this album is a "modern folk epic about honoring nature and being human," which is exactly what takes place during this twelve song journey. 

The album begins with a track dedicated to the raw and forgiving sound of nature, titled "Dawn Chorus," which allows the listener to navigate through a choir of harmonious bird song. Scattered throughout the forty second song is the essence of tranquility and pure appreciation for the world around us that Samara Jade was able to capture so beautifully in order to place the listener in an exact spot to proceed into the rest of the album with an open conscience and a peaceful spirit.  In her third song titled "To The Birds," Samara discusses how often we tend to forget to treat the Earth with respect and appreciation. 

While listening to this album from start to finish, I was impressed with the level of musicianship from not only Samara Jade, but from all of the session musicians that were gathered in order to make this project come to life. Personally, I am a massive fan of the Low Whistle, so when I got around to track four, "White-Throated Sparrow" I knew that I had found my favorite song from the album. With the addition of instruments that you wouldn't normally hear added to a song on pop radio, it became hard to sit through the album without placing myself mentally into a space of adventure and wonder.

"Wave of Birdsong" evoked a yearning sensation to go and explore the world around me. It quickly became the soundtrack to an adventure that I had not yet taken, but now feel called to go on.

If you are needing an escape without leaving the comfort of your home, check out this album. It fully encapsulates all of the emotions that are associated with traveling to new places and creating memories.

come see Samara jade at her album release show on the 13th of june at the mothlight

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