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MJ Lenderman

While attending the album release show for Indigo De Souza's latest album, I was lucky enough to also catch drummer Jake Lenderman's band. Jake's band, MJ Lenderman, played through an entire set as one of the opening bands.

Jake Lenderman is the epitome of a well-rounded musician, he was able to go from shredding on an electric guitar, to captivating an audience with his raw, yet welcoming vocals, and then was able to play through another set with Indigo completely crushing it on the drums.  

The Early Recordings album released back in March has been well-received and showcases more of a stripped side of MJ Lenderman in relation to his previous album titled Him. The Early Recordings captures a cluster of thoughts and emotions that invites the listener to take a peek into MJ Lenderman's creative process. The track "How the Body Works," is a two-minute spiel where Jake shares the process of how to eat food and then talks about Vinny a boxer from Rhode Island before finishing off the track by humming along to a couple chords being strummed on an acoustic. In an earlier track titled "Skip," MJ Lenderman takes a sample and then changes the speed of the sample throughout the course of a minute and a half before ending the song by shouting out Smart Water. These are just two tracks placed into the album to transition between songs and inevitably place the listener into the album's production process. It also creates a space that is a little more lighthearted and helps the listener to continue listening on with an open mind.

MJ Lenderman has one song off of the album that is not an original, which is County Line by Cass McCombs. This song is one of personal favorites and I remember hearing the familiar Phantom of The Opera organ line for the first time and being instantly hooked on how Cass McCombs incorporated it into his chorus as a bass riff. MJ Lenderman completely captured the raw essence of the song and I did not even recognize the song until he mimic'd that same bass riff on his acoustic guitar. 

Multi-talented Jake Lenderman is one of the artists signed onto Asheville label, Sub-Fi Records. Not only does Sub-Fi promote local artists through means of signing them to their label, but also serves as a recording studio in order to churn out material for these artists. Check out their webpage here.

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